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Product name:
VGA Cable
Description :
VGA cable,5M.black
Technical Feature
A VGA cable is a lead used for transmitting video signals. It is most commonly used to link computers with monitors. However, it is now used on some high definition televisions.
VGA stands for video graphics array. It was a graphics standard used by IBM in its early PCs sold in the 1980s. Today all PCs support VGA, but most of them use a more advanced system depending on the actual monitor used. The Windows loading screen appears using VGA as it is seen before the computer loads the relevant information about the monitor to use.
Cable Feature:
Rated Temperature: 80
Rated Voltage: 30V
Pass UL VW-1&CSA FT1 vertical flame test
Conductor: Tinned or bare copper
First type core: Mini-coaxial cable with foamed PE insulation
Second type core: color-coded lead free SR-PVC insulation
Shielding: tinned or bare cooper wire braid, 95% coverage (Optional)
Jacket: Lead free PVC
Environmental Compliance
All materials conformed to RoHSs and WEEEs requirements 
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